Top Five Reasons to Develop an App for Business

Reasons to Develop an App for Business

Internal communication requirements are changing as a result of the introduction of smartphones, and emails are proving to be insufficient. TouchBase is a technology that responds to changing needs by delivering a focused, structured, and simple platform.

Internal Team Connections and Collaboration in Real Time are made easier with this Business Communication Tool. It permits for more focused, controlled, direct, and transparent communication across the workplace. TouchBase has completely changed the way businesses and teams communicate in less than one year.

Touchbase is a communication platform developed by us for internal communication. There are a number of features available that help for better communication.

In the past, we have seen many attempts to increase voter turnout in India, such as through early voting or by making it easier to register to vote. With the rise of social media and smartphones, there is now a new way to engage with your voters:

WhatsApp messages are one of the most popular forms of communication in India today. More than 90% of Indians own a cell phone and use it daily, and over half send or receive at least a dozen WhatsApp messages per day. The average adult spends nearly two hours per day on their phone using Engage Voters Is a Digital Platform that helps in connecting with the Voters in a more structured and organized manner.

Features of Touchbase

There are Multiple Features of Touchbase
  • Directory
    The directory module will contain the employee details of each employee in the organization. The fields that are required are; Name, Mobile Number, Work Email, Department, Branch, Designation, Birthday/Anniversary, Display Picture. An option should be available to call, email, WhatsApp or text each person in the directory through the app. Every user should have the option of editing their email id, display pic and birthday/anniversary. The other fields should be editable by admins only.
  • Announcements
    The Announcements module will enable admins to send important notices and announcements to the employees. He should be able to add a title, description, attach images/documents, Etc. in the announcement. He should also have an option to create subgroups. These subgroups will help him in categorizing the employees according to their departments and will let him to send the announcements to specific employees in his team.
  • Document Sharing
    This Module will be used by the admin to Share any document with his employees. The documents should be in downloadable as well as read only formats.
  • Performance Chart
    Video/Photo updates of candidates with citizens, i.e. - Jan Sampark/ Charity/ Public meetings.
    Benefit: Years of accomplishment preserved in one digital platform.
  • Attendance Check in/Check out with geo tagging and time stamp
    This feature will track the employee’s attendance. The employee needs to check in daily either when he reaches the office or he leaves for a client meeting. The time stamp and geo location of the employee should be tracked at the time of check in. Similarly the same process should be followed during check out.
  • Check in/Check Out with geo tagging and time stamp for each client visit
    This feature will track each sales representative at the time of client visits. Each representative should be able to check in when they arrive at the client’s office. The same procedure from the attendance check in should be followed where the time and geo location gets captured. It should also record the time spent by the employee with the client.
    At the time of Check out it should follow the same steps as the attendance checkout with the additional option of filling out a form which explains his reason of visit, the work done, which product did he pitch or discuss and what’s the end result. If the customer confirms the order, the executive should get an order form right there which he uses to punch in the order quantity and the product that the customer needs.
  • Addition and current status of leads with a brief of overall conversations that have taken place
    This module will work like a mini crm. The employee should be able to punch in his leads here with an option of recording follow up date/time. The status of each lead needs to be mentioned here. The conversations that have taken place between the employee and the client should be recorded here in brief.
    There can be a provision for picking up this data from the check out forms of each sales executive.
  • Data filtration on the basis of customer, employee or product
    The admin should have the option to filter and check the data on the basis of employee, customer or product.
    When the admin selects employee it should show the list of work/meetings handled by all his employees. When he selects a particular employee it should show the employees entire record, i.e the number of meetings he has attended, the name of the clients he has visited, duration spent with each client, the discussions that he has had with each client, the order quantity of each product that he has sold.
    When the admin selects Clients it should show the list of all the clients of the organisation and the products that they have ordered. When he clicks on a particular client the entire order history of the client should be seen by him with the record of the sales executives who have visited the client and converted the deals.
    When the admin clicks on Products it should show the data of all the products that the organisation has sold in that particular month. When he clicks on a product it should show the list of the clients who have purchased the product and at what quantity. It should also have an option of showing the employees sales for each listed product.
  • Daily Reporting form
    This form will be used by employees to record their daily reports in brief. The number of meetings attended in each day and a small description about what happened in the meeting and the status of the client should be recorded. This data should be directly fetched from the Check in/Check out data at each client’s visit.
  • Travel vouchers
    This module will be used by the employee to record his travel expenses. There should be an option for the employee to upload the receipts of each mode of travel used. Depending on the company’s policy, i.e weekly, bi weekly or monthly, the total amount needs to be calculated. Once the payment for the voucher is completed the admin should be able to update it in the system.

Solution of Touchbase

Enterprise to Employee

A complete Organisation Management tool that helps with communication, employee management, tracking attendance and leaves, and much more.

Association to Members

This Platform helps the Members and their Association in Engaging with each other better. Helps in Improving the Overall Governance and Communication of the Association and its Members

Dealer Distribution Network

Dealer Distribution Network can Help with Product Launches, Increase sales, Promote offers. Helps to increase the overall sales of the Organisation and helps in smooth and structured communication with the Dealerships.

Housing Society to Residents

Touch Base gives the Plattform to every Housing Society to connect with Residents. Ensures Focussed communication with the members and member engagement.

Educational Institute

Touchbase helps the Educational Institutes In various Terms like Interaction with Students and Parents. It can also help to take attendance and share notice online for students, collect fees and payments, etc.

Smart City

TouchBase provides a Platform that helps to connect the civic body with the citizens and provide solutions to the citizens Problems. An overall solution that helps citizens know more about their own city, clllear various taxes and bills such as water tax, electricity bill,etc. Helps Citizens raise issues regarding the problems faced by them in their localities.

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